22 thoughts on “English Premier League 08/09 Compilation – Best Moments And Goals: 「Try To Remember」”

  1. i tink torres is unhappy at chelsea. see how happy he played in liverpool. and when chelsea vs liverpool and he get to play look at his face he was smiling thruout the game

  2. take that you Spanish German Italian League’s … and that was only one season

  3. Best Season ever…Liverpool at the top, Ronaldo still at Man United, Torres shining for Liverpool, Arshavin, Nasri , and Modric become new talents and so much more thanks for the awesome video.

  4. close up slowmo shots make me jizz……yes i jizzed for the entire first minute

  5. The only thing bad about this video is the ending…why can’t this video go forever :,( awesome vid! deserves more plenty of views.

  6. Anyone else realised there is no moment of Blackburn players and Burnley players

  7. Come join us in the “Celtic FC Supporters” private league code 191503-60215 @ Barclays Fantasy Premier League, we need the bhoys.. (great prize by the way).

  8. sad to think how many of these players dont play for the same club anymore… in the space of 3 years so many have moved on 🙁 this was the best year, quality wise at least for a long time in the prem. As much as i dislike them, manchester uniteds team was out of this world.

  9. There are a lot of players in this compilation that disappeared from the football headlines … i even don’t know if they are still playing footy in a club ..
    Mido , Hossam Ghaly , Giovanni , Elano …..

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