19 thoughts on “Aduunyo.com’s exclusive interview with Abdisalan Ibrahim from Manchester City (Part 1)”

  1. this guys brother is in my school his my friend and his brother is the best in year 9

  2. He seems to be a nice guy (abdisalam), and I wish he would be fluent in Somali, what I love the most is how bright the interviewer is: the young guy doing the interview really knows something about journalis, he asks the right questions, oooh and I love when he says “I wish that i could take a train from Zaylac to Kismanyo” inshalah it will happen in our life time kkkkk AMin.

  3. I am from Ethiopia, and I am so proud of my young brother. Keep it up man!! I am ManU fan but I don’t mind to cheer up for Abdi…..

  4. we are hepp to see somalian pleyer and i wish one day to play with arsenal team

  5. Good luck Abdi .. Train hard a make us see you a first team regular, because you’ve got what it takes. All the best

  6. Hopefully I’m Going To Follow A. Ibrahim’s Foot-Steps And Make It Professional!

  7. @Somali for life listen you wanabe. The girl who wants to be a reporter is intelligent beautiful and your just a jealous loser who feels that you have to insult somebody to make yourself feel better!
    What you know abt her? Nothing do keep your lame steriotypical veiws to yourself because no one is interested you pig!

  8. @randomcam123 by the way that girl hu wants to be a reporter is me!!! i was recorded in this video tym ago and why you making it out as if it is imposible?

  9. I am about to scream u are playing along side Robinho pls oh pls make it possible for me to meet him. Your doing good boy well done! Arghhh ROBINHO!

    The kids in the beg made me laugh the girl who wants to be a reporter keep on dreaming… Stay at home mum in the making! thank you

    Oh and the other girl looked abt 12 wink wink!

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