17 thoughts on “BPL Fantasy football”

  1. @CrimsonCypress aw rite ah i was just wondering why i am in a few classic leagues neway

  2. @sinnott070 no, I prefer H2H. If you prefer classic then just join a second league if you wish.

  3. im in your league , can you explain to me what the difference is between head to head and regular ?

  4. @MiniLightningBolt He dose, but so dose suarez. I can’t take suarez after what happened with Alfonso Alves.

  5. @crimsoncypress dunno he looks great in pre-season but i guess its a gamble

  6. @MiniLightningBolt but can he preform at the premiere league level of play? I doubt it.

  7. @VintageSnatchy IDK what happened at the end. it should have went on to 7:34

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