Carlos Tevez Revives City’s Hopes

Carlos Tevez- the Argentine forward moved Roberto Mancini’s squad back to the twelve points next to the leaders- Manchester United. Even though Manchester City seems to be a bit far from regaining the premier league title, which they won quite spectacularly last season, Tevez’s score against Aston Villa enabled the team to stay alive in the race to retaining the title. The striker hit just a few seconds to half-time and gave his team a 1-0 win. However, Roberto Mancini admitted that it is quite hard for them to catch Manchester United, but he maintained that his squad would continue to push United’s boss, Sir Alex Ferguson and his men right up to when the season comes to a halt.

According to Mancini, although the race is a bit tough for his team this season, they have the spirit and energy to continue fighting. He promised to keep trying. Roberto also noted that it was absolutely imperative for them to remain 12 points at the back of United. He also does not believe that the season is over. There is still enough time for tables to turn. According to him, nothing is impracticable in football. So they have to continue chasing Ferguson’s team until the season is officially over.

Mancini also commended Carloz Tevez for his spectacular score which brought the City back to the 12 points at the back of Ferguson. City’s coach noted that the team played well although they lost a couple of opportunities to score. Aston Villa remains in the demotion zone. Their goal difference keeps them below 17th position. What is more, Paul Lambert’s team is still below Wigan which is position 17 on the table.  Tevez received a cross from Dzeko and immediately dodged Gizan and Baker before taking a perfect shot, which took Manchester City ahead.