Claudio Bravo reckons Barcelona as better in Reputation

Claudio Bravo reckons Manchester City might not be any bit behind Barcelona funds-wise, but, if the reputation is the basis of the comparison, then the latter would come first for sure.

Bravo was quoted as, “If you talk about the funds, I would say both are pretty even, but, if you talk about the status around the world, Barcelona is ahead there to be fair and that’s why scrutiny is also more at Barcelona.”

On his life at Etihad, the Shot-stopper said, “Changing your job location and changing it from one country to another is a challenge. You can’t just hang your kit bag onto your shoulders and take the plane to the new location. You are going to have to take your family there; you might struggle with the language and not only the language, but, many other things which you find yourself coping with from time to time.”

However, working at a new location becomes that much easier when your boss there is someone you have worked alongside for a decent time before which is the case with Bravo and he admits that being under Guardiola is a huge plus.

In the words of Bravo, “I am an admirer of the personality that Pep is, so easy going and someone you can connect to easily. He won’t mind having breakfast with his players every now and again and often talks on subjects which are not related to Football, he would put an arm around you and enquiry about the well-being of your kids, if everything is okay, he is just like your buddy if I put it in short and having someone like that who can be a guide and a buddy at the same time is not a bad thing really.”