25 thoughts on “CRYING MAN CITY FAN: Swansea City v Manchester City (Who’s Sorry Now?) (11.03.2012) PRICELESS!”

  1. @SuperBeavers13 Newcastle is tough at home worse than swansea. also got arsenal away which can be VERY tough and chelsea but i think you will do chelsea then ofc is the derby!!!!!

  2. HAHAHAHA Manchini OOOO Manchini is a JOKE 🙂

    Manchini take your monkey with you back to Italy!

  3. @WhatisallaboutAlfie BAHAHAHA i cannot believe your team, all that Money to overthrow Man united and still cannot get a grip, City, what a poor team they would play Satan himself if he was on their books. Anything to beat United but how many players do they need? They have creamed off everyone available by bribing them up to now so there is only Ronaldo,Van Persie and Messi left now.

  4. @TheBlueDevilz So what’s the connection with ESPN? Does this appear on something of theirs? Thanks.

  5. hahahahahahah, nice! Thumbs up if you followed the link from ESPN here. UNITED! UNITED! UNITED!

  6. UNITED! UNITED! UNITED! City will always be the bridesmaid, never the bride at the top of the table.

  7. Haha, i can’t believe this. 6 months of wanking and now, from nowhere, the little rags have again a some voice. All those money spent of Foy, Atkinson, Dowd, Webb, Dean, Mason, Marriner were a great investment for the 20th title.

  8. Thing is though United fans chat shit. Before the 2 matches City were ahead by 2 points and United fans wouldn’t hear any of it, “It’s only 2 points, there’s plenty of games to go bla bla bla.” As soon as they win and City lose they are all over the internet talking about City ‘blowing the league,’ even the though City are behind now by only 1 point. Where’s the logic in that? United fans are thick.

  9. @AnthonyVBurns Any chance of a name up here? I think everyone would appreciate it. Thanks 😉

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