22 thoughts on “Dempsey Goal vs Stoke (Ruled an Own Goal)”

  1. @IceyDefeat Ok just to name a couple of examples how do you explain Rooney’s against Switzerland in Euro 2004? or the goal he was credited for in the champions league against that Romanian team this season which didn’t come off the post or bar but it wasn’t going in until it came off a defender.

  2. @bk11121988 this pissed me off! dempsey’s in myDreamTeam, i heard fulham scored & i guessed clint as it always seems to be him then it says”it was an absolute thunderbolt from dempsey”then i’m thinking great i got some more points. then a bit later i see sorenson O.G? so i watched it on MOTD. i’ve seen players score this kind of goal b4 where it beats the goalkeeper,hits the post or bar comes off the keeper goes in all in 1 movement.other strikers have been credited with a goal so why not this??

  3. @bk11121988 Because it would not have gone in without the keeper. The ball was bouncing out of the goal, not into the goal. The keeper was ruled to have ‘scored’ the goal.

  4. @Konformation07 It moved to the left, it moved to the right! That shot from Dempsey made stoke city look shite!

  5. He scores with his left! He scores with his right! That boy Clint Dempsey makes Drogba look shite!

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