12 thoughts on “England vs. Samoa – Rugby League International (2017)”

  1. It was obvious that Samoa never played a clean game. they had dirty tactics in there if you watch the full game. England were clean and deserved the win.

  2. find it hard to believe samoa sdill playn 90's style..where forwards get all da ball lolol not rugby lolol trouble dat curses kiwis n island teams s dat we haf too many runners n not enuff passes lol…shaun johnson..milford..r gud runners ,.bt we need passes..e.g thurston,cronk…rather have halves dat juss pass n put people n holes..f u were to watch dz game u wouldnt know who da playmakerz n samoa z..

  3. With the World Cup just around the corner it will be interesting to see how far Benny can take England.

  4. Toa had no gameplan at all just run it straight and hope to crash over. And kicking from milford and brown was just disappointing.

  5. Samoan players need to learn how to share the ball! Huge disappointment tonight

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