25 thoughts on “English Premier League 2010-2011 Promo HD”

  1. i like when ppl try to say EPL is not the best league, its so sad and stupid.. u know, football is not futbol,is not calcio.. IS FOOTBALL! thank to EPL i love this sport so much.

  2. yes there are the top 2 best players in the world, but real madrid or barca is the winner every year, whats the point

  3. I just LOL’ed at how pathetic your comment was, I then phoned my mate, got him to look at your comment and he LOL’ed at you too, I then phoned Barry from Eastenders and he pissed himself laughing at you make a muppet out of yourself, unlucky mate.

  4. Spanish League – 34pts between 1st and 4th
    Premier League – 34pts between 1st and 14th
    Need i explain any more?

  5. Bayern Munich FC already beat Man U. New season begins, transfer starts…Van Persie/Fabregas might be sold to Bayern Munich FC

  6. You thick muppet. Just because you have the two best players in the world, you think it is the best league in the world? Tell me how many teams were still in contest for the league on December 31st. 2. In England we had 5 teams. It has only just been cut down to 2 teams at the end of April! And whilst you have Barcelona and Real, we have Man United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea. Rest my case.

  7. The Spanish League is the best in the world. That’s where you decide who is the BEST PLAYER in the world. English Priemiere League?? That’s where you decide who can knock down an opponent the most!

  8. sadly mr.black no, but the search continues, god thats sounds like a line from spyro.

  9. i was looking for the this is where i wanna be song that sky was using in there new foootball advert…
    you probably guessed im welsh

  10. 1:13 that’s from this season. It’s the new kit….

    oh yes and chamakh is there ???

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