25 thoughts on “English Premier League News”

  1. This is a good Video, but yall should check out this video…. the music is off the chain. Search “Vthov Obama Inauguration Song” He’s a nobody now, but I guarantee he’s going places. Don’t take my word for it, see for yourself.

  2. Soccer may not, be popular in the USA. But soccer, or football in Europe. Is hugely popular there.

  3. there are rumors, but in the end, Alex Ferguson will decide and he said he won’t consider selling ronaldo until 2010 and that ronaldo at least owes Man U two more seasons.

  4. You may be right, but worldwide football aka soccer is by far more the most watched and popular sport in the world

  5. Footballers don’t make anywhere near that money! I think the most is about 40 Mil. If this Man City/Kaka thing goes through, well then we can start comparing.

  6. The average NBA salary is $4.9M. MLB is $2.9M. NHL is $1.5M. NFL is $1.25M. EPL is $1.262M. I won’t mention MLS, AFL, or WNBA since they are below $100K. You can find this information @ Sport Independent UK. Yes, I’m using proper currency conversion too.

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