25 thoughts on “FIFA 12 Clubs?! Fifa 11 UT Epl Squad & Goals”

  1. fut12playersandcoinsgenerator.weebly.com Just tryed this with a fake account´╗┐ to see if it works and got inform 97 messi from it ­čśÇ but it is ps3 only ­čÖü

  2. In FIFA 12 You should make´╗┐ a Skilluminati Club and just make it FIFA skillers and if you do I’m in,my GT:RiseToawesome.

  3. @CastleAnthraxx It depends on the´╗┐ player, position on the pitch, speed at which the player is running, distance etc… It’s almost instinctive. I just feels right.

  4. if you´╗┐´╗┐ need help on fut 11´╗┐ ultimate´╗┐ team email fut11-help@hotmail.com i said i lost ronaldo and´╗┐ it gave me´╗┐ 300000 just email and they will refund you

  5. I was buying a computer, and he said´╗┐ i could have one around which was in his van, *shudder* he did bad things to me :'(

  6. i haven’t seen´╗┐ any information about fifa 12 clubs atm but i cant w8 for fifa 12

  7. If you play on manual or semi-auto´╗┐ shooting, does it make long range shots easier to score?

  8. How the heck do you score so many long shots? I’ve tried the´╗┐ do nothing but hit shot button style and I still rarely have success with it.

  9. I play on PS3, i use automatic settings in shooting´╗┐ and i only press the Circle Button ( O ) to shoot, but the ball just goes straight to the keeper and never with the same power as it does in your videos ..

  10. Wooow, i LOOVE THE SKILLS´╗┐ ANTO!!! – Do more of them man, i swear, it makes me so much wanna watch your videos!! ­čÖé

  11. This is fucking sick dude. Liked and subbed ­čÖé

    Any chance you could check out my Fifa 11 UT montage on my´╗┐ channel? Thanks.

  12. I can safely´╗┐ say youtube has NOTHING to do with the UT market, believe me.

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