24 thoughts on “Football Rivalries – Manchester United & Liverpool”

  1. Fuckin hell gerrard “celebration over the top?” yeah kissin the camera lens at old trafford aint over the top prick!.. Tbh im a manc an if I scored would do more than kiss the camera lens.!!..

  2. 135 years to catch up?.. Hmmm 1990 livershit had 18 league titles and 4 champions leagues. Man utd 7 league titles an 1 champions league. In 22 years it now 19/3 18/5 hahaha if it wasent for barca 19/5 in only 22 years. Basically ur only has good has ur last win..

  3. @britishshit
    2-1 Hahahahaha bye bye liverpool! :p
    ohh wait what is the difference between the scores is it ’19’ ?
    YES IT IS!

  4. Hey LFC, hope those Mickey Mouse cup wins ease the pain of watching us make it 20 and playing in champions league next season!

  5. @britishshit

  6. @Jack123Wilshere
    hahahahah 2 -1 hahahahaahahah out the cup bye bye man u hahah

  7. That’s the difference between the two clubs innit…77′ instead of celebrating winning the FA Cup, they celebrate stopping Liverpool’s treble.

  8. ok…rate these in order of importance:

    Winning the Premier League or winning Champions League?
    Is it failure to win the Premiership?
    One side (Liverpool) seems to have no regard for the Premiership.

  9. Seems that so many seem to think the winner of this argument is determined by who won their last game against absolutely anyone


  10. As the man said ” with 5 European cups an 18 league wins, Liverpool are the most decorated team in English football history” FACT!! Y.N.W.A

  11. @mssl30 First european champion? Why the fuck would that matter? We have won it more. And the Community shield?? Shows how much you know about the game.

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