25 thoughts on “Funny fifa 07 video with funny jose mourinho song”

  1. ok, every time abramovich says ‘what?!’, he sounds like achmed the dead terrorist. lol 🙂

  2. Does chelsea rule now suddenly? pff… where were you during the CL final? or the PL ending? There’s only one team, and that team is red.

  3. lolz any1 got this song its halarious cant spell lolz, there defending moriniho in that song cause he didnt want to buy sheva lol amazing

  4. this isn’t really funny, as a matter of fact its not funny at all…………..better luck next time!

  5. Yes there were some flaws in the game but think how often goals from that far out are scored in the premiership week in, week out. It’s not like 30, 40 yard goals are impossible

  6. dude i myself dun have any idea where i got dat song frm……….i think one of my friends gave it 2 me

  7. Hey, do you know where to get the sound you had for this video, as it was hilarous. Thanks.

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