24 thoughts on “Happy Xmas from Liverpool FC”

  1. @jozkokukuricid Skrtel said happy christmas to all our members in slovakia and all around the world.

  2. @mufcfergie Since 2008 MOST racist chanting arrests made by club supported: Bolton: 7, Spurs: 7, BRFC: 6, Villa: 5, Stoke: 5, MUFC: 5, Chelsea: 4

  3. LFC team news;
    Several players out for the reds – Leiva (knee), Gerrard (ankle), Suarez (racist)

  4. @ejnar95 Škrtel said in most nice language in world: Slovak! <3
    and he said: "Veselé Vianoce všetkým naším členom na Slovensku a na svete"

  5. Scousers have Xmas on Merseyside, maybe the Fat Spanish Waiter arrived in Father Xmas gear and spilled some Geordie Brown on King Kenny. Did the Gobshite Reds murder anyone or nick some hubcaps in celebration? Another 96 not accounted for, quite a pity isn’t it? In response I would love a copy of the Taylor report to find in me sox.

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