25 thoughts on “Manchester United Career Mode #47 – Football Manager 2015 Let’s Play – Review of Transfers”

  1. can you do maybe a short video on what you look at when setting up your
    tactic? because i always really struggle to find one that fits the team
    because i dont know what stats are good for what.

  2. Don’t play in 3D!
    2D is better, only goals watch in 3D.. I think that is good for us, and

  3. The Jack Livermore goal you conceded was clearly a bug in the match engine
    I had that bug knock me out of the champions league.
    The defender left the ball and the GK just stood in his place waiting for
    the striker to reach the ball and shoot, he didn’t score but the other
    striker got the rebound and did.
    I wanted to report it to Sega but I couldn’t find out who and give up
    because it doesn’t happen too often but when it does it is just ridiculous.

  4. I prefer the 3D as well but could you maybe turn down the game speed a bit?
    The highlights go so fast, my eyes can’t keep up 😀 Also you didn’t show
    Blind’s progress :(

  5. Im a die hard Arsenal fan but you make these videos enjoyable..considering
    your Manu 😉 ive always bought FM but i got this day it came up and i kept
    losing 6-4 , 7-0, even had a 5-5 draw! Just im not good at all the in deph
    tactical stuff…i used to love the 2006/2007 versions! Maybe some tips on
    this game? Would love to get into it like i did years ago. Cheers buddy

  6. +FootyManagerTv try to get some bundesliga players or german like mario
    gomez i personally think gomez is a beast

  7. I’m not fussed about 3d but I suppose it helps you see the little things
    players do on the pitch not just goals

  8. Just saying I love your fm videos just when you said arsenal lose against
    poor opposition too much…. Honestly it’s the complete opposite to that we
    can’t beat big teams. Just made me a tad mad but other then that good vid
    bud :)

  9. I like to watch your videos because u help me to sign good young players
    for my fm i done one with pourtsmouth and i have got them up to the bpl in
    3 season on fm 15 but it is hard in the bpl because of the teams u play

  10. How do bugs work exactly, is it not more realistic for them to be in the
    game as players make errors in judgement/ miscommunication in real life?
    Great series, love regens, Presland looks amazing and Romero has been an
    amazing signing.

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