Many Players might leave Italian club this January

Napoli’s Rafael Benitez is delighted to have kicked off the winter transfer window by signing ManoloGabbiadini and Ivan Strinic but things are still not over yet for Benitez and his squad as there are rumors and reports that continue on emerging suggesting that certain players might be leaving the Italian club.

Rafael Benitez has recently been making a number of switches and changes in his formation as the manager has been attempting to rotate his squad and find out which combination of players work together better. This has caused Gonzalo Higuain on being dropped to the sidelines for a few matches as Benitez has opted to go with Jose Callejon, Dries Mertens and Duvan Zapata as his main attacking options on some games. This combination of players has given Napoli positive results and Higuain could be seeing his time on the sidelines increasing.

More and more players are stepping it up and trying to prove their worth to Rafael Benitez who has been forced to give some of his players less time on his main squad and one of those is Higuain.

The Argentine attacker is now being linked with a move to the Premier League as there are English clubs that are interested in signing him and want to take advantage of the fact that Higuain is starting to drop to the sidelines of the Italian club.

One of the Premier League clubs that seem to be really interested in signing Gonzalo Higuain is Liverpool and they are even being rumored to be selling Mario Balotelli in order to create the necessary funds to sign the Argentine player from Napoli.

Taking into consideration the disastrous campaign that Mario Balotelli has been going through since joining Liverpool, it doesn’t come as a surprise that he is already being rumored to be leaving the Premier League club as a way to gain sufficient funds and space on the team to sign a proper offensive player that can score goals on a consistent basis and that’s why Gonzalo Higuain is being viewed as a possible signing for Liverpool.