25 thoughts on “Premier League 2012/2013 Best Goals (September)”

  1. Why is the Büttner goal here? It’s just four Wigan players failing hard. And who is Büttner anyway?

  2. this is why rio got hit with a coin because the guy that threw it he saw your comment and was like take that, thats because of you timdobnik you mother fucker lol joking but still man city dont suck

  3. Well its not put only according to form, A mixture of both form & potential for next year…. So you dont need to continue, coz Vidic will come back to his ultimate best soon & Michu wont have the potential to stay at top although his form is up there with the best..!

  4. Luis Suarez es el mejor delantero de la Premier League! Aguante Uruguay! Suarez the best player

  5. To be fair, he clearly doesn’t know what he is talking about and so you can’t really blame him for that comment….

  6. Well Michu should be first, and Vidic shouldn’t even be on there… Lloris should be on there instead of ‘Fridel’, Benteke should be higher, Lescott is only a sub for city now so shouldn’t be on there. Should I continue?

  7. Vidic hasnt played this season, but now he is back & still he has it.. Give him a month or two he will back to his ultimate best.. In regards to Cazorla, I thought he started very well but his performance deteriorated last month or so (although he scored a hattrick recently) Silva hasnt been his usual form, but still cant deny the guy’s ability to produce the magic… But I agree in terms of the form only, Mata would be up there with RVP, Michu, Suarez, Cazorla & Bale this season..!

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