25 thoughts on “Premier League top 5 goals 2011/2012 half season”

  1. @dmightyjdog94 are u stupid? rvp’s goal needed maximum technique. rooney’s scored a free kick. seb larson scored better ones then him. and his goal against fulham was just power no curl.

  2. Van persie commentator wuz 2 funny…mustaheel means impossible in Arabic, looooool

  3. Lol where is Rooneys goal against fullam or his freekicks against arsenal rvp goal was ok but it wasn’t worldclass

  4. 3 london clubs and 2 from united. who is top of the league? aguero vs swansea, aguero vs arsenal, milner vs villa, aguero vs united, johnson vs blackburn, balotelli vs villa, johnson vs wolves, nasri vs spurs, aguero vs wigan, take your pick. slightly bias against the team so many are jealous of. blue since 95, the year i was born. been through all the shit, season tickets and all. we deserve it more than anyone. the city is ours. blue moon rising

  5. Dzeko’s fourth against Tottenham was better than Fletcher’s. The build up and technique was almost identical except Dzeko used his weaker left foot, from a more acute angle and from further out!

  6. Typical. Only find goals from the top 6… There were way better goals than some of them from other clubs.

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