23 thoughts on “Special – The Alex-Oxlade Chamberlain Fever”

  1. @TheRey4you ive been saying that for years, you would of thoght that after 6 years at arsenal wenger should realise he is not a winger

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  3. @TheRey4you Yeh I guess that true, at Southampton he was a striker and did score a good bunch of goals even though he was only 16 years old too. Very true, I think purely for his pace, Wenger insists on playing him as a RW, which doesn’t show any of his true potential. I guess we’ll never know until he actually plays upfront if he’s good or not.

  4. problem, with walcott is that hes not a good winger then a striker .. but has been almost forced to be a winger.If you take away a lions teeth , you take away hes biggest asset therefor he is no longer a lion .. where is walcott gonna play ? he has to play up front

  5. @RLALLDAY Well I can do web app videos, a pack opening will be coming out shortly just been stocked up with loads of school work but getting round to it.. Also I will be getting a capture card very soon, so then I can do loads of gameplay footage. Thanks for that and your comment, it really helps so I can build my channel around what subscribers want.. And if you are on Xbox, let me know and I’ll inbox my GT. 

  6. this is good stuff, any chance of fifa 12 footage? seeing as you explain ultimate team i thought you would show your self in game with maybe tutorials, pro clubs, head to head vs friends or subs.. just to change it up seeing as theyr entertaining and could attract more views. none the less these vids are good but maybe some fifa 12 footage will do your channel well.

  7. @IrishGary1 Yeh, he did that to the lad Carl Jenkinson, who was a non-league footballer a few years back and also a CB not a RB against Manchester United in the 8-2 loss. I though that was very harsh as Jenkinson stuck to the task asked of him and constant moaning from Walcott possibly drained his confidence. Walcott looks like he’s out for himself sometimes which isn’t fair on his team-mates

  8. walcott early on in the united game gave out stink to ox for a mis placed pass, he should be encouraging the lad like walcott is in a position to judge people, ox is better then him

  9. @Shiftz2k9 Definitely, agreed ! You never know, Wenger may not be in the job, the arsenal are calling for his head..

  10. @TheShowOff8 He’ll regret it if in the next year or two he decides to find somewhere else, then Wenger will be kicking himself!

  11. @Shiftz2k9 Yeh he is,, Needs some more game time I feel, Wenger may regret not playing him more often if they fail to finish outside the top 4… The Ox > Walcott and Arshavin, in my opinion. Great prospect

  12. @TheBluesGotTekkers I think so too man, RVP needs the support as he’s taking alot of the scoring load. Gervinho on the right and Chamberlain on the left. Walcott needs to vary his style to be more effective on every game, in my opinion.

  13. @kolotoure14 I personally think that he is too, but Wenger needs to start playing him more often, it seems that the majority of Arsenal fans are gettin sick and tired of Arshavin and some with Walcott too. Give the Ox more time !

  14. Arshavin is past it now, wenger should play on him and walcott together and bring in gervinho for walcott when he is back.

  15. @supersonicacorobatic Lol it probably Dont sound as good as possible because Im speaking really close to it.. But Im working on getting better equipment. Also thanks man

  16. @Dupeesgt Yeh lol he is a tank.. Got all the attributes to do great things.. Walcott needs something to vary his game, I think that would help him, instead of always hitting the touchline.. Possibly a matter of Watch This Space….

  17. @jam719z Yeh for sure man… Wenger should play him more I feel. Walcott, everyone has an opinion on him, I personally would like to see him uptop if he plays, or replace by Chamberlain for the mean time. Maybe he’ll get better and quick because Arsenal need all their players to finish in the top 4. Safe man appreciate it also


  19. hes a sik player, deserves more time, I understand wenger dont want to risk injuries, but if you look at players like messi/ rondaldo, they all got games in their youth. Same thing that happened to wallcott. The guy had bareee potential, but the luck of game time caused his form to drop. sik vid… safe

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