23 thoughts on “Suarez Racism Accusation”

  1. @MajinX Well, then you agree with me, he is an ethnocentric! Because if he is an international player, and knows that culture varies, he should take things differently, depending where they come from! Besides, Evra insulted Suarez first calling him Sudaka, that is discrimination and an insult!

  2. @MajinX Come on! You know, I know many people who plays soccer, and players all over the world, in the heat of a match, insult each other, all the time, with words and comments that I can not reproduce here. But they also have a code of silence, what it is said in the field, stays there. Evra, not only was the first to insult Suarez, calling him Sudaka (that is a discrimination term for South American) but then broke the silence code they have. From my point of view he is the real racist!

  3. @clovis6000 lets use this in another context. If i was being racist to your mum and you swore and threatened me would you expect to be prosecuted???

  4. What the fuck????? You can’t even call a nigger a negro now??????
    So Suarez gets suspended for using the word negro, and the other guy who threatens repeatedly to punch him gets nothing? Politically correct bullshit.

  5. @murps232 – Ok let us all know what is that PROOF… or are you just a lier bastard who accuse people with no evidences?

  6. Below agreed used to always see them do well but once they signed lets dive like a ten bob tart suarez and thug bellamy i love seeing them get beat

  7. @HipH0pster Classy as always! was expecting as much… run along now and support your PROVEN racist bastard of an excuse of a footballer!! I have every respect for liverpool football club but they are embarassing themselves with their stance on this! Pity for once a great football club

  8. Just one thing, can someone please tell me what is the evidence (not accusation) on which this ridiculous trial is based? or there isn’t any? … thank you mates.

  9. All of Liverpool seem to be supporting Suarez, which I can understand. But to wear those t-shirts the other night just sends out the wrong message. He’s been found guilty and should pay the consequences. I don’t believe he’s actually a racist person, but he has used racist language so there really is no argument. And to plead ignorance is just ridiculous. Ps. Suarez will probably leave for Spain in the summer anyway, let’s see how many Liverpool fans back him then.

  10. @HipH0pster You yankes are full of shit …Ive never seen such nonsense posted go join kenny and his flock of undercover K’s at Anfield

  11. @HipH0pster Your idealistic judgement strays to the near reaches of a horses backside ! im no racist thats a start im going out on a limb to actually be behind Ferguson and Evra since “negrito” different pronunciation still has the general meaning to the word of its origin. for thinking “incompatent baboon” only highlights baboon as the main way of expression really highlights your fucking stupidity haha go read a dictionary man before you spread your general retardation over youtube..

  12. @HipH0pster concept of xenophobia doesn’t apply bruh. you are enticed to follow a culture professionally in sport like all other foreign players must and have corresponded with. we welcome many ethnic orginis thats why englands a free country so stop the bullshitting. no once cares what it means in soutamerica why – BECAUSE THIS ISNT SOUTH AMERICA fool. Hop along and go jiz over pics of your racist friend in spirit you incompetent baboon !

  13. I dont think you sould have a say really, call yourself a liverpool fan and didn’t watch the biggest match in your season??

  14. @TheRafinia How can you prove Suarez’s innocence the player is a hypocrite. During the investigation Suarez said he called Evra the word than 2 weeks later said he didn’t. Evra never accused no one in the past, the fourth official said someone called Evra a nigger and was spitting so the ref told Evra to report it (which he did). pls stop listening to other peers and do research yourself. I dislike both Luis and Evra but Suarez is as guilty as they come period.

  15. Suarez has chewed another players ear at Ajax. Suarez actions denied ghana proceedings to final rounds of the world cup. Suarez was making gestures to camera (middle finger) with children and such watching… Suarez is a disgusting player period. Kenny and Liverpool are a disgraceful football club. Suarez said himself he used the word. Evra has every right to stand up for himself. Suarez is not black (you pool fans seem to think). He’s obviously guilty the appeal will do him nothing !

  16. Well i don’t by it it is true in my opinion that Evra would have taken advantage of the opportunity to get Suarez suspended and the easiest rout to take is to plead racism i doubt Suarez said nything racist to Evra but on the other hand Suarez should have been smarter and not made any hurtful or offensive comment which he may or may not have done but I believe Suarez din’t say anything racist.

  17. This rabbit toothed colored person making racial slurs against another colored person. Talk about being pathetic! I guess he considers himself a blue eyed, blonde haired racist European….a colonial mental appendix still found in the Americas. There are places you go in South America, most people can pass as Native Indian/Black….but they call themselves European…. a heritage left over when what race you were classified under pretty much sealed your future.

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