24 thoughts on “Sunderland v Liverpool | Dalglish on Suarez, Johnson and Martin O’Neill”

  1. With every passing week, KD looks more and more foolish and out of touch. His defence of LS is looking more and more repugnant. Daglish hasn’t been relevant for 20+ years in English football. Retire now you old cunt before you make an even bigger fool of yourself. 20:-)))

  2. if u dont support us when we win or loose dont support us wen we win
    COMMON all Liverpool fans WALT (we’ll all walk together)

  3. Kenny dalgish ,Suarez ,Carroll,Stevie, Carra, Reina, I’m with Liverpool through thick n thin GODDAMNIT, I’ a fan of heart not of results

  4. Sell suarez- possibly 40m
    Sell Carroll- try 15 to 20m
    Sell Henderson- possibly 10m
    Cut our losses with 60m to spend,
    Let dalglish resign for dignity bring rafa back, give him an extra 40m, in total that’s 100m in total for rafa to play with.
    Sorry but dalglish is doing just as bad as hodgson, you can’t ignore it just because of his past

  5. If anyone dares to question kenny’s leadership then you are just a plastic fan who doesn’t deserve LFC. You probably hide the remote too. 

    His signings have been wise and economical, setting us up for years to come In our rightful place. Like Kenry says, we’ve just had no luck, more luck and downings and Adams won’t be hitting all shots Into the crowd..they’ll be putting them all in the net. Important to remember – to score we must aim at the net.

    So calm down la’s, trust in Kenny. YMCA.

  6. sell suarez, hes a greedy cunt, its a team game he needs to be told, what a disgrace of a team ur after building kenny, LIVERPOOL ARE FINISH,D sad to say

  7. if kenny daglish gets sacked bring back rafa ,liverpool have lost alot of games wow.

  8. @patterz2k7 Im a Liverpool fan just think we’ll get beat nothing wrong with that

  9. 2-1 Liverpool – Prior the the alleged post Arsenal bust up in the Dressing room, I think all the players will go out and give 110%.

  10. @TheFootballDaily No Sessegnon is a huge loss for Sunderland. Liverpool need to win if they want to keep their hopes of getting a top 4 spot. I think it’s unlikely but it’s still technically possible. They’ll win 3-1 Liverpool for me. Revenge would be oh so sweet.

  11. Comolli* will they be there in the summer after so many bad signings tough one no.

  12. Martin oNeil will get his side ready for this one i hope liverpool win but i just can’t see it at the moment we can’t score. Liverpool need massive investment in the summer on good not overpriced English, kenny and como

  13. It’s hard to call. Sunderland are in form whilst we cant finish our dinner. From a Liverpool fan, i’d say 1-1.

  14. Interesting what he has to say about the Suarez rumours and how the press overstates things to create a story. What does everyone think about that?

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