20 thoughts on “The Difference between Rugby Union & Rugby League – EXPLAINED!”

  1. us Fijian adapt easily to both code's, I play five eight in both code's for my village team on the same week. our national sport here is rugby Union but in terms of international ranking league is ranked better than union. So I guess we are naturally born to play rugby…BOTH FORMS OF RUGBY!!!

  2. I think both codes are on the decline. The bulking up has wrecked Union. 30 huge gym monkeys means space is at a premium..it's too many bodies on the field…line breaks are now a rarity (not helped either by the defensive tactics brought in by the likes of Clive Woodward). It's all very methodical, less off the cuff. Emphasis is now on bulk over skill (France epitomise this). The game is dying in Aus. RL meanwhile seems more rooted in Aus than ever.

  3. As an American I find League more similar to American Football….. I find Union to be a bit boring and an the only time a Union game is tolerable is when it more resembles a League game for those brief moments before the referee blows the whistle to call the one million penalties which make the plodding Union game even slower

  4. Almost all major team sports are invented or developed by Brits. Like Ice hockey by Scottish people, Football, Cricket, Rugby, American Baseball by English.

  5. Thanks for the video explaining the differences between Rugby Union and Rugby League. I'm living in Toronto and new to the sport. Go Wolfpack!

  6. the history of why rugby split into two different, completely separate codes is garbage! painful to listen to tbh

  7. The only time I have ever been truly knackered from a game of Rugby was from playing Rugby League. Both great games just different.

  8. I'm from Australia and Rugby League is so popular
    I get so bored watching Rugby Union and I used to play Union and hated it
    Rugby League is simple and exciting than Union

    Union can't take a hit

  9. I prefer league because I live in Australia and like you said its more popular then union here, and I grew up playing like that because of touch rugby

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