25 thoughts on “The Passion of English Premier League Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea”

  1. @akkster90 Number of trophies Man Utd won lat season: 0… Number of trophies Liverpool won last season: 1 so piss off!

  2. Haha sorry stevo!!… GET TO FUCK YOU PRICK!!. Ur club is shite they live in the past.. us mancs were 30 points in front of u lot this season!.. whos gunna be ur next manager john barnes!?. Lol joke

  3. Shut the fuck up, I’m a massive liverpool fan but you can’t say that gerrard is a scumbag considering that you’ve got rooney in your side

  4. Please check out my predictions for this weekends Premier League games at plpredictions, including the big one on Monday. What do you think? Thanks.

  5. That scumbag steven gerrard ruins the video by kissing the camera at o.t. In 2009!! I threw my beer bottle at the tv screen when he did that!!.. Mufc for life! 19-18…

  6. English PL is the richest league in the world and it is twice the combined value of spanish la liga and italian serie A.

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