25 thoughts on “UFC Undisputed 3 | Jose Aldo”

  1. @jimmy92635 I am brazilian and I can assure you Goldie pronounced Aldo´s name correctly.

  2. @Tentmanz Meh who gives a fuck. They should just say it how Jose wants them to say.

  3. @jimmy92635 It’s because of him being Brazilian. The J and H sound differ in certain places. I know for a fact Jose Mirhinio is pronouced Joe-say.

  4. @jimmy92635 ur a fucking retard theres no accent on the E so its pronounced Joe say aldo

  5. @jimmy92635 Actually, he’s Brazilian, not Spanish. In Portuguese, the “J” is pronounced, you fucking plug

  6. @jimmy92635 Actually it’s prounonced Joe Say in portuguese but in spanish it is ho say

  7. @NightRyder101 lmao, yeah because i totally needed 4 days to post that comment, have fun in your basement.

  8. @darksaw5 it dosen’t have to be mexican it’s still a spanish name dumbass.

  9. @darksaw5 it can still be pronounced the same? wow i think youre the racist dipshit

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