23 thoughts on “A World Without Football”

  1. Funny rooney everyone knows someone who talks like him. But there ok got there not manc twats

  2. Ha ha fuckin funny tha lad i hope pie mouth rio plays tomorro hes fuckin shite

  3. I love this guy… We need more Michael Owen videos there class! Do one about him and his best mate Shola loool

  4. I can’t believe you missed out your Peter Crouch impression on this video! It would have been class. Great video, though.

  5. @erlfie Grow up. You wouldn’t have batted an eyelid if he said “Greece” instead. Africa as a continent is poor, which was his point… it’s a FACT… there’s nothing racist about it you idiot.

  6. I watche the one you made at LFC online and it was so funny.I subscribe you by the way,Very Funny !!!

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