25 thoughts on “Barclay’s Premier League Theme Song Guitar Cover”

  1. @aleroberts90 nothing great about this brother, im sure even you can do it, its very simple, just try 😀

  2. i wish i new the name of that song that they use to play during the half time show, it has like the goals and misses and shit lol, it was on last year

  3. @dmutantx i assume you are talking about the new season, they have a new theme this time, i just loved the one which i am playing here. I will surely see the new one and try to help you with the song !!
    Cheers !!

  4. dude, since u r from india, i want u 2 do me a favour…. i too am from india… i watch barclays premier league on espn, and during half time, a music is played before and after the start of commercials….. in case u didn’t hear it, wait for it during half time… in da ad (of the music), they show fans wearing t-shirts of the clubs and huge posters of clubs hanging on the building….

  5. @jayjaykayode Drums would be great with the song, and i would have loved to play with you, though i can not tell you the piano chords, i assume they would be same 😀

  6. @jayjaykayode its simple, its fun and electric version is even better, try out and post your version !!

    Nikhil, India !!

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