25 thoughts on “Kenny Dalglish: Liverpool right beside Luis Suarez”

  1. @WolfgangVonPoserkila hernandez calls him el nigerito as well, evra’s just a grass and is known for playing race card when he’s booked! its not a slur in spanish and calling a brick wall red isnt racist!

  2. For fuck’s sake it’s 2012 and people haven’t worked out we’re the same species yet.

  3. @bluegreen988 What???!!! Your ill-thought answer doesn’t deserve a response from me. Not one I should use any energy to think through, anyway. You and Dalglish deserve each other. I’ll just leave you to wallow in your ‘white is supreme world’. Plus you don’t seem too bright! Can I just ask, are there no schools where you live? Oh, and please be careful, not to ‘mingle or mixed’ with any black people!!! Have a good life! Peace!

  4. @hahabass he said Negro in spanish meaning black..I think there is always a problem in football about races, in football team games mixed race is not a good mixed..there are always a negative reactions about race,racism will never stops specially if a black person like to mingle or mixed with white people.

  5. @bluegreen988 Did he not say “I kick you cos you are black”, or something like that? I’m not major sensitive, and as a black person I can share racist type banter with the best of them, but for fuck sake. He is either racist, ot incredibly stupid.

  6. shame on him for saying evra is black he should be panishen alot harder tht tht he is a racist which doesnt know football rooney is 10 times better than him

  7. Shame Liverpool dont come out with the truth about Heskey and Cisse Dogging with Fans wives!!!! They never let them walk alone either

  8. Let me summarise Kenneds true motive
    Kenny : Hello im (a fake) king kenny and im a racist 🙂

  9. @availlio
    You’re an idiot who knows nothing about the history of American slavery. Here’s a fact: slaves were valuable commodities in pre-Civil War America, and they were treated as such. To abuse your slaves was not only to destroy your own property but also illegal.

    On the the other hand the slave trade in South America was pure hell. The way they saw it was that they could always get more slaves from elsewhere, as result slaves in South America died in numbers far larger than USA.

  10. Liverpool FC and its supporters reputation have probably fallen close to, and I hate to say it, post Heysel levels.

  11. what was that you said kin ken did’nt quite grasp it? anychance we could have a translator for the misserable piece of shit

  12. @TheJolakia
    Please explain. Are you beeb-washed deluded,self-righteous Scouse hater or uber-biased black man who never even attempts to question his “brother”(ha!)

    You do know, one or two of you are known to have criminal tendencies.

  13. @availlio look racism doesnt bother me, im an open minded guy but if your gonna use the word nigerito live on sky then your getting a ban

  14. You know European and british Blacks never suffered in anything like the same universe as American Blacks, no matter how hard yous try to make out this to be the case.

  15. Black in spanish language is negro..so for them it is not a racist remarks..maybe suarrez didn’t know the black player and he said negro to him ..so if I say blackman ,is that a racist?

  16. @Liam2621

    Every bbc cliche in the book… You know no matter how hard you all try, you’re not going to be involved in the US (who you people all hate, ironically) civil rights movement of the sixties. Notice the way, all these london obsessed hypocritical lefties have always got to have their own version of something big that happened somewhere else(7/7 ha!, earthquakes)

    And now they’re pissing on Liverpool again, pretending to be concerned for the little black man

  17. Evra is a shit stirring crybaby with history, and that piss stained old tramp would jump at any opportunity to twist the knife.. The media obviously lap it up and all the brain dead morons who read the tabloids take it as gospel. Suarez is no racist, just unfortunate to born a superb footballer which breeds jealousy and bitterness.this will only galvanise LFC, just wait for the vocal backing he will receive during his ban. hope the lad plays out of his skin tonight, shut these clowns up

  18. I don’t know if he did it or not, but I will just say this. The guy who broke eduardo’s leg few years ago got 3 matches ban, and suarez who, according to evra, said some racial insult got 8 games ban… I don’t see any justice there..

  19. Patrice Evra needs to seriously consider whether he should do the decent thing and stop being black….. there is the issue of Suarez rep at stake here

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