25 thoughts on “How to watch Liverpool Football games for Free!”

  1. @bglavey I am not English… I am not even European… Nor Australian… Hell, English is my 3rd language and I speak 5 languages! Yet I speak English 10 times better than most Americans! You really talk like gays TBH.

  2. Listen please don’t slag the lad off !!! He’s a Scouser yank,which is Cool ??? Do we want more fans round the WORLD YES !!!! NO BRAINER,So get on side yeah Idiots 😉

  3. his sites are not that great. go to 11x2DOTcom for all the football streaming. Formally mightyfootballDOTcom and is set up the same way. Click the cross next to injuries at the top of the screen and click on LIVE STREAMING. very good site

  4. ahahahha..LFC Globe still has the main headline as : Charlie Adam set to agree deal with liverpool..ahhahahahah 😀

  5. Americans, please stop saying “um”, it’s gay!
    Thanks for the link anyway 🙂

  6. West Brom away today isn’t being shown where I am :/ …and I live on Merseyside

  7. i hope you never watched the europa league game on thursday, we easily should of won them

  8. @JLBsportsTV I was talking about myp2p.eu 😀
    oh oh and bye bye Torres, Hello Suarez 😀

  9. @N16Teen atdhe . net has been seized. So the link in the description won’t work. However they made a new website : atdhe . me.
    New link in the description.

  10. @TorresinhoLFC That links on that website are absolutely rubbish more than half don’t work!

  11. hey man I also live in the states I watch Premier League, La Liga, Seria A, Bundesliga, and many other things on ESPN, foc soccer, fox soccer plus, and gol tv. I have direct tv so they have those channels

  12. firstrow dot net is the best for football.. they show EVERY league in the world 🙂

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