25 thoughts on “Liverpool 1-1 Manchester United – Gerrard recovery & fierce rivalry – English Premier League 2011-12”

  1. @justynh1 HAHAHAHAH!! Brilliant Man U?! 2-1 against Palace, 2-1 against´╗┐ Basel ­čśÇ XD

  2. @justynh1 I say “Scum” cus i feel like it… Wtf u think? Nothing to do about youe fucking trophy’s… And brilliant? Hahaha, 2. place in CL groupe and 8! points! WOW!!! Some brilliant team!! 1-0 over Everton and Swansea,´╗┐ 1-1 over Newcastle. I’m no Scum or L’pool fan, then i can’t watch this? Moron… If i say who my team is, you will freak out, so i rather not.

  3. @PetterKri scum? why coz weve won every trophy going?????? aint´╗┐ our fault were brilliant. N if u aint a utd or liverpool fan what the hell u doing watching this vid????? ur a scouser, with a crap team….

  4. @justynh1 Awwww, you crying? ­čÖü I offended your precious Scum? Hahahaha! An´╗┐ btw, did i ever say i’m a Liverpool?

  5. @PetterKri united are shit?????? chamions, in every cup,´╗┐ 2nd in the league by 5 points, be back top by xmas. liverpool – cant win a single league, aint in europe and wont finish in the top 5, whats that say about liverpool??? fucking wank.

  6. fagan´╗┐ was too ashamed to stay in charge and by all account keegan was an accessory to murder

  7. it might not be the biggest game, but it´╗┐ will be a great game. Im a man utd fans, but i think they might lose. Their defending is too inconsistent… =)


  9. Its Giggs last chance to get abuse off Liverpool fans, he won’t be around for the game at Old Trafford. He’ll be watching it in his prison´╗┐ cell. He’s going down for perjury.

  10. i could be a keyboard warrior un slate you scousers but all i´╗┐ ask for is a fukin epic game tmoz COME ON YOU DEVILS

  11. @chrishan7 if you werent retarded you would understand the shit liverpool have been through which is exactly why there´╗┐ not in the champions league….YET 18,5>19,3

  12. @chrishan7 I love the fact that you´╗┐ come on a video clearly for Liverpool fans just to try annoy people.Your probably a closet scouser anyway.

  13. @CJ8DAY BAHAHAHAHHHAHAHA Suarez is more of threat than torres ever was you clearly don’t remember this fixture last´╗┐ season.Raul had a good 3 months thats all

  14. @alslevie1986 No players from either side deserves the´╗┐ abuse gerrard and neville used to get

  15. @chrishan7 Eh remember berbatov diving and winning a penalty in the 3rd round of´╗┐ the F.A cup last season ?

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