24 thoughts on “Lebron James interviewed by Liverpool kids on Small Talk”

  1. @BazzaLFC21 yeh but the reason why your watching this is because lebron is a small percent owner in Liverpool , and you paid 35 million for Andy Carroll, 35 million isnt working class money lol

  2. Lebron and LIverpool have something in common. They don’t know how to win championships. For Lebron an NBA championship and Liverpool the English Premier League. 

  3. Even though he handled his situation poorly with the decision, LeBron really is a good guy and a class act

  4. @Xxelmoboixx no i don’t think he is but im pretty sure he would like too you just have to ask kobe to quit looking up all the time and look down beneath his feet where lebron is under Kobe.

  5. @nrharrington Im a Liverpool fan. I dont know M. Heat fans, but i’ll trust you’re experience with em.

  6. @shawshankescape ahahaaha soo funny… -.- if you look closely your the only retard here

  7. @BazzaLFC21 Pot kettle black. You spent over 100mil this last year. Its the same thing.

  8. i really like the way he responded to each child by their name……a true gent, and a proper sportsman. Credit to the NBA

  9. In my humble opinion, LeBron James is the greatest player to play his respective sport. This includes NBA, MLB, Boxing, Tennis, Golf, NHL, NFL, etc.

  10. @BazzaLFC21
    As an American Liverpool supporter who hates the Celtics, I have to agree with you

  11. I didn’t like LeBron much, but in this interview I think he showed us what he is really like, quite a genuine guy…
    And yeah, Boston and Liverpool are equals, no doubt about it… Both the most succesful teams in their countries, they’re similar cities and have the same kind of loyal and passionate fans.

  12. I would of loved to of meet LeBron, Yo LeBron next time come to Edinburgh in Scotland,

  13. Kid: “how big is your house?”
    LeBron: “about 50 times bigger than yours”

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