Ireland’s World Cup Bid in Jeopardy

It will come as a shock to rugby fans in Ireland who are hoping the World Cup comes to it’s shores in 2023, but Shane Ross the sports minister of Ireland has still yet to get the necessary sign-off for the bid to be formally put forward, and will need the help of some emergency legislation in order to get the bid off the ground.

In the political circles of Ireland, doubt is prevailing about whether the proposal made by Ross to host 2023 Rugby event will be accepted or not.

In a letter written to the committee Oireachtas for Transport, Tourism and Sport, Ross revealed that Attorney General has advised to have an emergency legislation to support the bid of Ireland with regards to hosting the rugby event. He said the government of Ireland is under the pressure with respect to the time, in-order to ensure that Ireland gets the chance to host the event in 2023.

Ross was seeking help from other departments of the government to support the bid to host the event. According to Ross, the event is not only going to boost rugby in the country, but also will positively impact the economy of the country.

The event is hotley anticipated, with rugby fans across the world set to descend on the host nation – be it Ireland, France, or South Africa. Whilst tickets will eventually be available to nations individual matches through this link, part of the bid presentation is about how they would make sure tickets are distributed fairly across all interested fans – which is just one of the areas the emergency legislation will take care of.

The reason for this concern is that Ross got the information very late about the legislation that need to be passed to get the approval of the bid to host the event. However, when he contacted the government authority with regards to the same, he has received support from most of them.

Nevertheless, Ross is receiving the criticism from some of the ministers from other departments about his unpreparedness in dealing with the matter. Now that Ross is receiving support from the authorities, it is very much possible that he will comply all the requirements if international rugby, but it will be working to a very tight deadline – Ireland might well have messed up their chance of hosting the event in the country in coming 2023.