25 thoughts on “John Bishop on Football – Live at the Apollo – BBC”

  1. i am just starting to understand what scouse accent is about. and i believe
    john’s accent is scouse too, right? is it normal for this kind of accent to
    pronounce this characteristic russian R just as he does? or is it optional?
    😛 sorry if you’re confused, i was trying to be as clear as possible :p

  2. Errrm, are you sure? He was brought up in runcorn till he was was 21 & has
    lived in manchester ever since, havent you ever noticed he never says “when
    i was a kid in liverpool?” I havent a clue where his accents from, have
    you? He left the huyton area when he was 2 so he was most probably born in
    whiston? He’s a plassey scouser la

  3. Notice how hes a Liverpudlian who supports Liverpool, I like that, why cant
    more people be like that (talking about Londoners supporting united)

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  5. @dirtywaterclub What’s wrong with him? He’s fucken funny! He’s made a
    living making people laugh! You on the other hand – you must make a living
    being a dickhead.

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