Juventus Claims 3rd Consecutive title

Juventus claimed their 3rd consecutive Serie A title in a very comfortable manner as they were at the top of the Italian league for a significantly long period of time and enjoyed having over 15 points advantage to their nearest rivals As.Roma who finished the season by having 85 points but Antonio Conte’s side broke the 100 points barrier which is evidence of the superb campaign they enjoyed.

It was without doubt a stellar season for Juventus in Italy as they just went right past everyone they faced in Serie A but everything wasn’t perfect for Antonio Conte’s team as they were knocked out of the Europa League after losing against Benfica and Conte is well aware that his team needs to improve if they want to compete against Europe’s best in the Champions League of next season.

Antonio Conte will have a very busy pre-season as there are a number of players that he wants to add into his squad in order to improve his team while others have attracted the attention of Premier League clubs such as: Paul Pogba.

Pogba is a 21 year old midfielder who has become the center of attraction of Chelsea and Manchester United.  Jose Mourinho wants to sign the French midfielder from Juventus so badly that he is preparing an offer in the region of €50 million in order to lure him into Stamford Bridge however, it does not seem like Pogba is going anywhere anytime soon as his agent already stated that the young sensation is happy in Italy and Juventus does not have any intentions of releasing him at this point in time.

Real Madrid has locked their eyes on Arturo Vidal who made a superb season in the midfield of Juventus as he partnered up with Andrea Pirlo and the Chilean midfielder played a key role in the majestic season of Juventus.

“Real Madrid showed interest in Vidal, but never made a formal offer. We are going to keep our players, as long as they want to stay here.” Marotta told reporters.