Juventus decision to sign Gonzalo Higuain is a huge gamble

For a fee of €90 million, Juventus signed Gonzalo Higuain as the Argentine attacker made a move from Napoli to the Italian outfit in a transfer that has shaken the world of football as the transfer fee is incredibly high for a player that is reaching the 29 year old mark.

When it comes to signing new players, the traditional option that clubs like to go with is to add performers who are fairly young. If a club signs a young player it basically secures the services of that youngster for a long period of time as that performer will probably be performing for the next few years of his career with the club.

Juventus on the other hand splashed out €90 million in a player who exploded in the previous season of the Italian League as he scored 36 goals in 35 appearances, which was way more than any other player of the top tier League.

Even though Gonzalo Higuain spent more than 6 seasons as a player of Real Madrid, he never managed to lift the UEFA Champions League which is widely considered as the most prestigious and difficult piece of silverware to acquire but this is exactly what Juventus is hoping that Higuain can help to accomplish.

Juventus are already dominating their domestic league as they have won the past 5 editions of the Italian League; Serie A. Massimiliano Allegri is aiming for the Champions League this time around and it’s one of the main reasons of why Gonzalo Higuain as they needed another forward who could replace Paul Pogba but that transfer fee was outrageous especially for a player that might only have around 2 or 3 more prolific seasons before hanging up his boots.

If Juventus fail to defend their Serie A title in this new approaching season and if they aren’t able to make a decent run in the next season of the Champions League then signing Gonzalo Higuain was a huge waste of cash as those are the main priorities and tasks that the Italian club are hoping to fulfill.