25 thoughts on “Punk Football (2013) Documentary on FC United of Manchester”

  1. fc united are a disgrace and their fans who use to love united should be
    ashamed. never will i support another club, no matter how bad it gets,
    where united are, who takes over, how much money it costs, what players
    earn. i will always support man utd. that’s called being a supporter
    through thick and thin. you people are worse than the prawn sandwich
    brigade reason why you was happy to walk away and be a fan of another club.
    you people showed your true colours, good riddance you voted with your
    feet, just don’t come back when the glazers end up selling the club to new
    investors and ticket prices are drop and the atmosphere at ot becomes great
    again. cannot understand why these so called united fans even contemplate
    jumping ship to another club, you and your ancestors before you supported
    united through the bad times that hopefully one day man utd becomes one the
    biggest club in the world. as soon as that days comes you decide to stop
    supporting because of money. even if i couldn’t go to games home and away
    that wouldn’t stop me from going pub to watch united or watching them at
    home with the comfort of my family. 

  2. Let me state my situation in regard to Premier Clubs and Sky Sports, and
    how normal (working class) people can positively walk away from clubs who
    have left the original-core supporters (male and female) behind… I am 49
    from Liverpool and supported them from 1970 up to 1990. In those days, I
    some times crossed the river mersey to Birkenhead to watch Tranmere Rovers
    as a second club…. In the late 80s it was obvious to me that (as it was
    then) 1rst Division Clubs were becoming more and more removed from “common
    people”. So on January the 1st I became a Tranmere Rovers (Only) Supporter
    as they needed supporters and they were within 8 miles away plus the
    atmosphere was real and great. So all you Greater Manchester People..go and
    support all those lower league clubs WITHIN YOUR AREA who NEED YOUR

  3. Would support them but I am a Yorkshireman wish there was an FC United of
    Yorkshire or something along those lines. Or a union of all the Yorkshire
    clubs that formed a fan owned club. #AMF

  4. From a Man City fan I think this is brilliant! It’s a little bit different
    for us because we are enjoying a lot of good times right now after many
    years of upset, however football has become a joke and essentially a
    business. I was born in Manchester, I was born into a Manchester City
    family and I’ll be honest I’d rather not have the money but I am not able
    to just walk away. This is a great project and I wish this team the best of
    luck in the future.

  5. As a City fan I have total respect for FC United, football has completely
    sold its soul and our success is a bit hollow to me. It would be fantastic
    to see FC United in the Football League.

  6. Why do you use our colours and why do you use our name if you don’t want to
    be part of us. People stick with their clubs no matter what and hope for
    the best you unloyal cunts. 

  7. This is the exact reason why I refuse to buy a season ticket at Fulham
    anymore and now follow Woking home and away. Not only does a quality away
    day cost around £50 including ticket, trains and food and drink but there
    is just a better atmosphere. It sums it up when your team plays against
    their biggest rivals and half the crowd don’t care that you’ve lost, its
    wrong. The premier league has become a fashion now not football, and I
    personally think non-league football is of better quality than the premier
    league. May have to make a trip up to manchester when the new stadium opens
    would love to be a part of something that passionate!

  8. So if a guy from forexample Scotland supported Chesterfield went to every
    game, you’d call him loyal for that. But if he was a Manutd who dreamt of
    going to every game but only could afford to go to some he’s plastic is he
    cause he’s not mancunian nor a season ticket holder?? That makes sense
    doesn’t it 

  9. Fucking pathetic. They stop supporting a club they loved all their life
    because it got taken over, it wasn’t a good thing but that wouldn’t stop me
    from supporting a team I have always loved and guess what, it didn’t/

  10. Great Documentary. I really buy into the idea and the whole ethos of FCUM.
    The one slight criticism I have of the film is that at the beginning it
    does not mention how instrumental Ferguson was in getting the Glazers into
    Manchester United. And thus how he contributed into ostracizing these
    fans. Apart from that great film

  11. Keep at it boys we do things exactly the same as FC united at Chester FC an
    we have won 3 promotions in 3 years and are now at the top flight of non
    league an are hoping to get in the football league soon. Fan owned clubs
    are the way forward. 

  12. Great work guys.
    I’ve made an East Thurrock series on my channel, following them through the
    12/13 season in the Ryman Premier League (two divisions below League Two).
    Check it out by clicking on my pic. 

  13. not every fan is Mancunian . i am Irish , although my dad is Mancunian , i
    have been following fc utd since i first saw them on twitter and heard fc
    united radio in 2010 . latter the same year i went to gigg lane and loved
    it . can’t wait to see the new ground .

  14. Great to see a club run by the fans for the fans.
    In Latvia we have our own small version of FC United of Manchester.
    We also have dreams of taking our club to a higher level, and like FCUM we
    are trying to achieve that by allowing our members and players to run the
    If you are interested, I have also just made a documentary film about our
    club: Riga United FC. You can watch it by clicking on my name. (R.U . READY
    I hope you enjoy the film and FCUM get promoted this season!


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