The First Victory Of Poland Over Germany In Football

Germany has more bad news than just the recession it is going to face. The Germans have been used to the success all these years but this time Poland won against the world champions with a 2-0 in the qualification match for European championship. The Polish team made history in the world of football.

Over 81 years, the Polish Team has never beaten the Germans and this is the first time that they did in all of the 18 matches played in all between them. On Saturday, the fans went back home stunned of the occurrence. This victory has put the Polish team in a new view and gave them a turnaround in the world of sports. This year the polish has had a lot of victories over Germans in national basketball, volleyball and handball. The Poles even won the World Championship in volleyball as well as the winter Olympics.

Over the last century, Poland has had success in spots al lot more than they had before and this is the reflection of the success the country has had in both politics and economy. The once bankrupt and hyper-inflationary nation of 1989 has now become Europe’s one of the most successful economies having more than 20 years without any recession and is also a member of NATO.

Even after having this kind of economic stability, Poland is still poorer compared to Germany. The GDP in Poland is less than the Germans and it is very necessary for the Polish to invest more into innovating and improve the education by implementing better things in Universities. The new prime minister of Poland Ewa Kopacz should make efforts to recreate the warm relationship that Mr. Tusk had with the German chancellor Angela Merkel.

The victory of Poland over Germans in football has blasted a new dimension in the sports world and they are ready for the new challenges that they are to face in the future. Gazeta Wyborcza, a respected newspaper read “Poles, something has happened” after the victory.