19 thoughts on “Warm up ~ Liverpool Masters – EPL Football Masters Malaysia Cup 2011”

  1. just me or Henchoz look fitter than he ever was? quite a belly, right there.

  2. all it shows it that English ball control even at the highest level is SHIT.

  3. @CasperUK31 I’m sure McManaman’s a scouser isn’t he? Anyway, honorary scousers, the lot of ’em.

  4. @CasperUK31

    That’s Sir Matt to you. And yes, even him. Especially him. All those years at United and, under it all, he was a squeaky whining little Scouser 😉

  5. all done to the backdrop of eazy e’s boyz in the hood, there stright gangstar in Malaysia.

  6. @CasperUK31

    Play for the bastards and you’re an honorary scouser forever.

  7. To be fair, and excluding the World Cup in 1994, Babb was always that clumsy.

  8. @jackfarmer1234 haha, a cockney, swiss, 2 czechs, a jamaican, a scot, someone from cheshire. But yeah other than that, scousers.

  9. the Guardian youtube roundup finds some great stuff. Nothing better than seeing scousers make fools of themselves

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