24 thoughts on “XABI ALONSO | Come Home | Liverpool Football Club”

  1. .the only reason that i support real madrid is XABI ALONSO ! , i even LOVE his mistakes

  2. He’s gone to real to win the league title, thats the only thing he misses in his career, lets hope he gets it this year, and comes back to Anfield where he belongs!

  3. Why rafa …. why…. who the fuck sells xabi to try and get Barry ? why rafa…….

  4. he came from sociedad to play in our midfield
    his passing and his shooting are sublime
    if we ever had to choose between him and fat frank
    i know wed choose xabi everytime
    xabi xabi alonsooooo

  5. He was huge for Liverpool, was so much in the team! Best passer in the world in my eyes and still is! Nearly shed a tear when he left! Would be amazing to see him in a red shirt again, amazing!! Liked&Favourited. YNWA Xabi!!

  6. @JosephTeoPlus Did it to more than one player. Stevie’s lack of form the last 18 months came on the back of Rafa putting him in the firing line when we started faltering in 2009-10.

    Great tactician but an average judgement of players ability and a terrible man manager.

    In the King I trust, as long as he returns to the pass and move philosophy that served us so well last season and throughout out history. Kenny, let the opposition worry about us!

  7. He’s the reason I bought a Liverpool jersey with the number 14 at the back.
    Love you Xabi! Hope you come back one day. 

  8. @evilhafiz4 same here! 🙁 miss him so much…! that great no.14 jersey is now worn by hendo..! :

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